Department of Political Studies

The Department of Political Studies strives to enable a unique educational experience in its carefully designed undergraduate and master’s study programmes. Our students are taught by eminent professors who address in their work the most pressing and unavoidable issues of the ‘world’ today.

We seek to combine practical with theoretical approaches to the complex field of political studies: from considering a critical understanding of the concepts of politics and the political in the context of contemporaneity, the system of global capitalism, international relations, and international interventions, re-examining the phenomenon of conflict and its transformations, to a critical re-examining of the concept of violence, urban spaces, and civil engagement in the world surrounding us. The courses we offer (in the form of lectures and discussion seminars) provide our students with an opportunity to have critical access to existing relevant scholarly literature in the field of social studies, as well as to pursue independent theoretical and empirical research in our master’s programmes.

Our students can take an active part in two summer schools that the Department of Political Studies organises every year: the International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies and the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures, and Politics. In addition, our students can take advantage of two currently running Erasmus+ exchange programmes, under the auspices of our ongoing partnership with the University of Iceland and Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany.

B.A. in Political Studies

Today, more than ever before, we must learn to think beyond the systems and boundaries imposed upon us. In this study programme, you will analyse relations of power, (in)equality, and authority on every institutional level – from the family, to the city, to international organisations. We will trace the history of political ideas, in order to imagine together a different local and global political future. Upon graduating, you will receive a B.A. degree in Political Science.

Some of the courses taught in this study programme:
• Ideology in a World without Ideologies?
• Global Politics through Film, Culture, and Art
• Introduction to International Relations
• The Right to the City: Capitalism and the Politics of Urban Planning
• Political Psychology
• Critical Political Studies
• Global History of Political Systems
• Introduction to Comparative Politics

M.A. in Political Studies and International Relations

This programme is designed to offer postgraduate-level education to students interested in the fields of international studies and political theory. In this interdisciplinary programme, students will critically engage with general political issues and contemporary theoretical debates in the fields of global politics, comparative politics, international relations, conflict and post-conflict studies, citizenship and social movements, feminist theory, art and culture and their social and political roles, and urban theories.

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M.A. in Political Psychology

Today’s political actors are deeply aware of the importance of psychology in the shaping of society and the actions of individuals. This study programme is focused on issues in the operation of political ideologies, justice and inequality, the shaping of public opinion, political conflicts and violence. Your guides through the programme will be experts from the fields of psychology, political science, and international relations. You will develop theoretical and practical insights by studying relations between groups, individual and collective attitudes, and links between ideology and personality psychology. At graduation, you will have earned an M.A. degree in Political Science.

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