MA program: Political Studies and International Relations

Misinformation, global emergencies, and conflicting ideologies characterize our current reality. To understand and navigate these contemporary phenomena, we need critical thinkers who are also passionate actors in the communities that they inhabit.

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The MA program in Political Studies and International Relations is a 1-year program designed to provide post-graduate level education for students interested in the fields of international relations, political studies, and critical political theory. Throughout their coursework students will critically engage with contemporary political issues and theoretical debates in the fields of global politics, comparative politics, international relations, peace and conflict studies, memory studies, citizenship and social movements, feminist and post-colonial theory, political art, and urban theories.
Our program aims to strengthen the critical aspects of political studies and international relations by creating broader cross-disciplinary reflections on emerging political issues and alternative imaginaries.

Specific focus:

• Critical Approaches to Political Theory
• Peace and Conflict Studies
• Memory Studies
• Citizenship and Social Engagement
• Urban Politics: Architecture, Movements, Art
• Research methods in social sciences

The program is conducted in Serbian and English.

Students can expect to gain knowledge of contemporary academic discussions and build a solid theoretical and methodological foundation for their own research.

Upon completion of all course requirements in the program (60 ETCS) and a master thesis, students receive a Master Degree in Political Studies or in International Relations.

Who can apply?

We are accepting applications from local, regional and international students. We welcome applications from candidates holding an undergraduate degree or an MA degree in Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as from other related disciplines.

Please apply by sending the following information to
Name and Surname, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Address, Phone number, Academic Degree/Qualification, Degree Subject, University/College.
Upon submission of the application, all applicants will be invited for an admission interview.


Students are expected to complete 2 semesters of course work including mandatory core courses and electives courses.

All our graduate courses run as seminars and offer a stimulating intellectual environment through discussions and cutting-edge academic literature.

Mandatory coursework

Introduction to Critical Political Studies
Political Economy
Peace and Conflict Studies
Contemporary International Relations
Citizenship, Communities, Conflicts
Research Methods

Elective coursework (offer may change from one academic year to another)

Politics of Memory in Divided Societies
Contemporary City: Politics, Society, Art
European Colonialism and Its Legacies
After Yugoslavia: Back to the Periphery
Political Psychology


An international, interdisciplinary group of lecturers from different fields within social sciences and humanities (philosophy, political theory, international relations, cultural studies, research methodologies, etc.) is responsible for conceptualization and realization of this MA study program. Their extensive experience in teaching and research, as well as their social and public engagement fully support objectives and high quality standards of the program.

Summer Schools

Our department organizes two international summer schools. Summer school courses carry 5 ECTS, and can be taken by MA students as electives.

International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies

Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures & Politics


MA in Political Studies and International Relations
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