Department of Transdisciplinary Humanities
and Theory of Art and Media

Multi- and interdisciplinary explorations have brought about new interpretations of science, art, and culture. Transdisciplinarity constitutes the next step in the innovative intertwining and blending of various disciplines.


By connecting fields such as theory, anthropology, and sociology of art and media, cultural, political, and spatial studies, we seek to encourage an individual approach to transdisciplinary studies. The study programmes offered by this Department are thus open to all students, regardless of their original fields, with the aim of preparing them to engage in academic and scholarly work and career in art, culture, media, and publishing.

Select courses:

  • Transdisciplinary Humanities and Theory of Art
  • Visual Arts Theory
  • Philosophy in the Context of Art
  • Transdisciplinary Genres in the Arts and Media
  • Theory of Experimental Literature
  • New Media Art: The Concept and Typologies
  • Memory, History, and Media
  • Performance Art and Digital Performance
  • Alternative Economies in Culture and Art
  • Research Project

Ph.D. in Transdisciplinary Studies in Contemporary Art and Media

In contemporary academic, research, artistic, and media practice, transdisciplinarity is becoming the main mode and method of work. In this doctoral study programme, through interactive lectures and discussions, as well as independent research, students learn about theories of modern, avant-garde, experimental, neo-avant-garde, postmodern, and contemporary art, with special focus on contemporary phenomenalities of media, such as new media, inter-media, post-media, and trans-media. They finalise their own original and innovative contribution to their chosen object of study and research by writing their doctoral dissertation. Upon graduating, students receive a Ph.D. degree in Art and Media.

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