Department of Digital Arts

By combining art, design, the humanities, and new technologies, the Department of Digital Arts seeks to cultivate a unique transdisciplinary approach to education, preparing its B.A. and M.A. students for engaging in accomplished and committed creative work in the domains of visual communications, film, photography, and sound design.

Department of Digital Arts FMK

Contemporary digital society needs more authentic and thinking digital creators – graphic designers, cinema authors, researchers, game, sound, and interactive designers, photographers, and programmers – capable of thinking, grasping, and shaping new things and new realities. Seeking to answer that need, the Department of Digital Arts has put together undergraduate and master’s study programmes that prepare our students to pursue creative and research-based work in the domains of digital arts, such as graphic design, documentary, animated, and live action film, sound design, creative coding, digital production, data visualisation, documentary and artistic photography, applied music, 3D modelling and animation, designing publications and social and video games. The programmes were conceived by our team of committed, accomplished, young, and experienced professors, artists, designers, practitioners, and theorists. The programmes are meant to offer our students specialist knowledge, practical skills, theoretical understanding, as well as self-confidence for pursuing successful and authentic careers as digital artists.

The Department of Digital Arts offers:
  • the stimulating environment of the Faculty of Media and Communications, which, in contrast to traditional academic approaches, encourages collaboration between different scholarly and art disciplines, from psychology to interface design, from critical studies in politics to cinematic production, from digital marketing to 3D animation;
  • curricula that, by striking a careful balance between required and elective subjects, enable our students to shape their own fields of interest, tailored to the needs, talents, and unique qualities of each and every student;
  • professors and lecturers who engage in everyday collaborative work with their students, pursuing concrete projects such as exhibitions, books, periodicals, Internet sites, and video games;
  • classrooms and studios with quality equipment, corresponding to the demands of modern digital production, from cameras to computer hardware and software;
  • regular extracurricular activities, enabling our students to take an active part in the cultural life of Belgrade, Serbia, and the region, including mounting exhibitions, going on guided visits to galleries, museums, exhibitions, and cinemas, organising festivals and conferences, as well as visiting relevant conferences in other cities of Serbia and the region.


At the end of every academic year, the Department of Digital Arts mounts its annual exhibition of selected works by its B.A. and M.A. students. Also, the Department’s professors, lecturers, and students organise the periodical conference entitled “(Graphic) Designer: An Author or Universal Soldier”, run and edit “Propeler”, a student journal on art and communications, and take an active part in national and regional conferences and festivals, such as “Plan D”, “Fluid”, etc.

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+381 11 2626 474

Faculty of Media and Communications
Singidunum University
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