Department of Media and Communication

Media, communication, and technology shape our perception of reality. In a world changing at lightning speed, these fields offer the deep insights and practical skills of experts ready to face continual challenges.

Department of Media and Communication FMK

In this Department, we explore media and communication – the Internet, printed media, film, radio, and television – in the context of politics, technology, the history of ideas, psychology, and social engagement. The Department strives to stay abreast of technological progress, which shapes the development of media and communication, through academic programmes including media production, managing PR campaigns, online journalism, and digital marketing.

Our B.A. and M.A. programmes conceived by young and experienced lecturers offer our students a theoretical grasp of contemporary communication and media, expert knowledge, practical skills, critical capabilities, as well as self-confidence, for a successful career. By working individually and in teams, we exchange ideas and knowledge in various forms of media, such as comics, film, podcasting, street art, GIF and meme art. Through professional practice and mentoring, our students acquire the necessary skills to work in marketing and PR agencies, traditional media, and new digital media.

The Faculty of Media and Communications offers:
  • the stimulating environment of the Media and Communication Department, which, unlike traditional academic approaches, encourages the integration of theory and practice, ranging from communication psychology to developing journalistic skills in the digital age, from the critical study of politics to planning PR campaigns, from cultural studies to digital marketing;
  • curricula that, by striking a careful balance between required and elective subjects, enable our students to create their own fields of interest, tailored to the needs, talents, and unique qualities of each and every student;
  • professors and lecturers who collaborate with their students on a variety of projects, such as organising events, running online and radio stations, projects in digital marketing…
  • pleasant working environment and superb technological equipment;
  • regular extracurricular activities, enabling our students to take an active part in the cultural life of Belgrade, Serbia, and the region.
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+381 11 2626 474

Faculty of Media and Communications
Singidunum University
Karadjordjeva 65, Belgrade


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