Department of Psychology

Psychology studies conscious and unconscious, cognitive and motivational psychological processes, which provide equally powerful stimuli to the behaviour of individuals and groups alike.

Istraživački modul psihologija

The human soul and the processes that keep it going have captivated artists, poets, playwrights, and philosophers for thousands of years. The consciousness of every human being includes the thought of psychic life, the human soul, intellect, and emotions.

Psychology has theoretical and practical tasks: its theoretical tasks are to describe and explain psychic life and predict human behaviour; its practical tasks are to assist individuals and communities in solving their personal and social problems, improving and enhancing the world they inhabit.

By studying, analysing, and interconnecting the biological/physiological, developmental, pedagogical, clinical, social, religious, and cultural mechanisms of our psychological functioning as human beings, we prepare our B.A. and M.A. students to become experts who will make theoretical and practical contributions to society and shape their own future. Familiarity with the interior world of every human being is important for the progress of society as a whole, and also helps us to better navigate and progress in the world that surrounds us.

The Department of Psychology provides:
  • the stimulating environment of the Faculty of Media and Communications, conducive for acquiring knowledge and pursuing personal development;
  • curricula that enable students to choose their own subjects, in addition to the required subjects, and thereby create their own educational portfolios suited to their interests;
  • leading international, regional, and local experts to meet the needs of every unique student group or individual through interactive teaching;
  • electronic Web pages for each course, containing all teaching units, additional readings, and links to various contents related to the curriculum;
  • extracurricular activities enabling our students to take part in various regional research projects, conferences, and seminars;
  • work practice in institutions relevant for future psychologists;
  • a psychology research lab;
  • membership in the Club of Psychology Students;
  • student mentoring.
Contact us

+381 11 2626 474

Faculty of Media and Communications
Singidunum University
Karadjordjeva 65, Belgrade


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