Critical Play: Game Design in Culture

The Center for Digital Curiosity invites you to an open course by Stefano Gualeni (Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta), which will take place from May 13th to May 23rd at the Faculty of Media and Communication (Karadjordjeva 65, Belgrade, Serbia). The course is open to all interested participants, and we invite you to register by filling out the online form.

This is an interactive and interdisciplinary module that focuses on the dynamic relationship between game design and society. Its goal is to empower students to become thoughtful creators and consumers of games and videogames, and to equip them with the analytical tools to understand the potential (as well as the drawbacks) of game design as an expressive form. In the six lectures of this short course, we will analyze how play can be leveraged to challenge cultural norms and reshape individual attitudes and beliefs. Drawing from fields such as game studies, media studies and the philosophy of fiction, students will be invited to critically examine games and their meanings, and to develop a nuanced understanding of how player experience both relies upon and transforms the world around us.

Stefano Gualeni is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Digital Games (University of Malta) and a Visiting Professor at LCAD in Laguna Beach (California, USA). Trained as an architect and a philosopher, Gualeni studies virtual worlds in their role as mediators: as interactive, artificial contexts where ideas can be encountered, manipulated, and communicated experientially. He also studies (and creates) virtual worlds and fictional worlds as tools to operate changes on ourselves and our society: as gateways to explore alternative possibilities for thinking and being. Given the interdisciplinary focus of his research – and depending on the topics and the resources at hand – his output takes the form of academic texts and/or interactive digital experiences.

Course Schedule:
May 13th at 5:00 PM, Room 106 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, first floor)
May 15th at 5:00 PM, Room 106 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, first floor)
May 17th at 5:00 PM, Room 106 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, first floor)
May 20th at 5:00 PM, Room 106 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, first floor)
May 22nd at 5:00 PM, Room 106 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, first floor)
May 23rd at 5:00 PM, Room 409 FMK (Karadjordjeva 65, fourth floor)


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