Peace & Conflict Studies: from the Balkans to the Middle East

By 03.02.2018Kursevi

Peace & Conflict Studies: from the Balkans to the Middle East

Students will be introduced to various disciplinary approaches as implied in conflict analysis, in order to engage critically with the study of international conflicts. As such, the course will deal with the analysis of various mechanisms available to end violent conflicts and engage in post-conflict transformation processes.

Throughout the course, we will focus on theoretical readings as well as on case study based empirical research. We will utilize input from case studies as related to the post-Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This will allow openings for comparative analysis of conflict transformation and/or reconciliation processes. Finally, the course will provide methodological input on relevant research methods in Peace Research, with insights into the implementation of qualitative research methods and empirical research.


Conflict analysis, reconciliation, post-conflict transformation, Balkans, Middle East


Orli Fridman


MA: Critical Political Studies
Department for Critical Political Studies

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