Otvoreni kurs “The political beyond the poststructuralist horizon”

Otvoreni kurs “The political beyond the poststructuralist horizon”

Departman za studije politike vas poziva na otvoreni kurs prof. dr Katerine Kolozove “The political beyond the poststructuralist horizon”, koji će se održati online od februara do maja 2021. Kurs je organizovan u okviru master programa Kritičke studije politike i otvoren je za sve zainteresovane studente i javnost. Molimo vas da se za učešće na kursu prijavite popunjavanjem online formulara. Predavanja i diskusije održavaju se na engleskom jeziku.

Katerina Kolozova studije politike FMK otvoreni kurs
The political beyond the poststructuralist horizon

The rising authority of poststructuralism has engendered radical transformation of the concept of the political. Changes at issue have occurred on the level of discourse resulting into change of legislating concepts and norms whereas the institutions of plural and representative democracy have remained the same. Global neoliberalism has supplemented the classical forms of liberal democracy with supranational technocratic governance (rather than government). The emergence of new forms of realism in social and political theory has propagated discussions of increasing influence: accelerationism, xenofeminism, to name a few among many that sprang after what we might term the “post-humanist” turn.

Course Program:

1. Intro: the political consequences of the poststructuralist turm.
2. The weakening of the old political categories and the rise of the paradoxical rule of the postmodern norm.
3. The crisis of universalism and its responses in the 21st century.
4. Culturalisation of the political and the possible responses in the 21st century.
5. The political consequences of the emergence of “specualtive realism”: new realism, materialism, non-standard Marxism or non-Marxism (Laruelle), accelerationism, xenofeminism, critical animal studies in political theory, rereading of Marx’s “liberalism”

Katerina Kolozova, PhD. is the director of the Institute in Social Sciences and Humanities-Skopje and a professor of philosophy, epistemology and gender studies at ISSHS and at the University American College, Skopje. She is also visiting professor at several universities in Southeastern Europe, most notably at the Department of Political Studies of FMK-Belgrade. In 2009, Kolozova was a visiting scholar at the Department of Rhetoric (Program of Critical Theory) at the University of California-Berkeley, under peer supervision of prof. Judith Butler. Kolozova is the author of “The Cut of the Real: Subjectivity in Poststucturalist Philosophy,” NY: Columbia University Press: 2014, “Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle,” (Brooklyn NY: Punctum Books, 2015), “After the ‘Speculative Turn:’ Realism, Philosophy and Feminism,” co-edited with Eileen Joy (Brooklyn NY: Punctum Books 2016). Her most recent monograph is published with Bloomsbury Academic UK (2019) titled “Capitalism’s Holocaust of Animals: A Non-Marxist Critique of Capital, Philosophy and Patriarchy.” She is also the author of numerous interdisciplinary policy studies dedicated to the issues of “illiberal democracy,” partocratic mechanisms of state-capture in “hybrid regimes,” policy critique of repressive technocracy in the legislation of the authoritarian neoliberal post-socialist states in Europe.